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10 select factory tours that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike☆ 彡

10 select factory tours that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike☆ 彡

April 11, 2019
"Full of toys with lots of treats!" Let us introduce such exciting industries located in various parts of Japan ♪

Glico Pocky (Kanto/Saitama)

This is the factory of "Pocky", a confectionery representing Japan. You can watch how Pocky is created, wrapped in a sweet and delicious scent. There is a rich set of contents on display, such as a museum with candy as a bonus, a photo studio and a mini factory where you can make original Pocky-s!

Admission: Free (Participation from 2 people onward/reservation required)
Mini Factory: 500JPY

グリコピア・イースト(GLICOPIA EAST)

Address 埼玉県北本市中丸9丁目55
Business Hours 9:30-16:00

Kewpie Mayonnaise (Kansai/Hyogo)

This is an open kitchen of Kewpie Mayonnaise & dressing of based on the philosophy of "deliciousness, kindness and uniqueness" that has been opened since 1961. In the Kobe factory that opened in 2017, in addition to touring the full-blown manufacturing process in the beautiful and cute facilities, you can learn about the history and how to make Kewpie Mayonnaise, and also actually compare tastes by eating a salad. You can get a nice souvenir, too. ♪

Admission: Free (reservation required)


Address 兵庫県神戸市東灘区深江浜町27-1
Business Hours 9:30-12:00/13:00-16:00
Shop Holidays Sat,Sun
Web Site URL https://www.kewpie.co.jp/know/openkitchen/kobe_01.html

Mobile Suit Gundam (Tokai/Shizuoka)

This Gundam-specific factory has produced more than 460 million "Gundam Model®" since 1980. Seeing how skilfully things have been are devised to details is like a fantasy. You will be left wondering even if you do not particularly like Gundam.

Admission: Free (reservation required)


Address 静岡県静岡市葵区長沼500-12
Web Site URL http://www.bandai.co.jp/hobbycenter/
Description Reservation is required.

Licca-chan (Tohoku/Fukushima)

In the factory of "Licca chan" (dress up doll) that girls admire, you can observe how Licca-chan is born and how it is packaged from up close. Since this facility is also a theme park, you can also rent a dress for free to shoot a commemorative photo, pretend-play Licca-chan, see the older generations of Licca-chan to enjoy the whole day♪

Admission fee: 500JPY

リカちゃんキャッスル(LICCA CASTLE)

Address 福島県田村郡小野町小野新町中通51-3
Business Hours 10:00-16:00
Shop Holidays Mon
Web Site URL http://www.liccacastle.co.jp/

Koala's March (Kanto/Saitama)

Cute koalas welcome you into the factory that manufactures chocolate confectionery and ice cream, including the long-seller product "Koala's March" and "Pie Fruits". You can learn how these candies are made, visit a chocolate factory, or sample a fresh and specially made Koala's March that can only be tasted here! You get nice souvenir here, too♪

Admission: Free (reservation required)


Address 埼玉県さいたま市南区沼影3-1-1
Web Site URL https://www.lotte.co.jp/kengaku/urawa.html
Description Reservation is required.

Blue Seal Ice Cream (Okinawa/Main Island)

This fun ice cream factory develops the concept "ice cream for enjoying, not just eating". In the cute and popular hall, you can tour the history and stages of producing delicious ice cream, experience the -20°C freezer and make cute original ice bars etc. ♪

Admission: Free (reservation required)
Original ice bar & freezer experience: 1500JPY

ブルーシール アイスパーク(BLUE SEAL ICE PARK)

Address 沖縄県浦添市牧港5-5-6
Business Hours 9:00-19:00
Shop Holidays Open all year round

Garigari-kun (Kanto/Saitama)

This is a popular ice candy with a shaved head character "Garigari-kun". In the hall filled with Garigari-kun, you can tour Garigari-kun's manufacturing process, as well as fun-filled attractions from the entrance to the exit, such as Garigari-kun Shrine and crane games and a 20-minute all-ice-you-can-eat.

Admission: Free (reservation required)

本庄千本さくら『5S』工場(5S FACTORY)

Address 埼玉県本庄市児玉町児玉850-10
Web Site URL https://www.akagi.com/
Description Reservation is required.

JAL (Kanto/Tokyo)

This factory tour has been developed as part of JAL's social contribution activity "Soraiku". After having enjoyed enough exhibitions and experiences as if you are in a museum, you can learn about aircraft, try wearing JAL uniform and take commemorative photographs, and watch aircraft servicing and taking off and landing from a close proximity!

Admission: Free (reservation required)


Address 東京都大田区羽田空港3-5-1
Business Hours 10:00-17:40
Web Site URL https://www.jal.co.jp/kengaku/application/
Description 要予約

Kirin Brewery (Kanto/Kanagawa)

A tour for adults to see, touch, try and fully appreciate the taste and charm of beer! To finish off, you can taste and compare three types of freshly made Kirin's top-notch beer. Let's find your own BEST BEER!

Admission: Free (reservation required)


Address 神奈川県横浜市鶴見区生麦1-17-1
Business Hours 10:00-17:00
Shop Holidays Mon
Web Site URL https://www.kirin.co.jp/entertainment/factory/yokohama/
Description Reservation is required.

White Lover (Hokkaido/Sapporo)

This is a theme park for the classic souvenir from Hokkaido, "White Lover". Besides factory tours and cookie making experiences, you can also enjoy attractions such as Gulliver Town, where you feel as if you became a giant!

Admission fee: 600JPY
Cookie making experience: 972JPY~
* Closed for renewal work from 1st Nov 2018, until the end of May 2019.

白い恋人パーク(Shiroi Koibito Park)

Address 北海道札幌市西区宮の沢2条2-11-36
Business Hours 9:00-18:00
Web Site URL http://www.shiroikoibitopark.jp/