Let's investigate "Akindo Sushiro," a conveyor belt sushi chain that boasts the top sales in the industry.

March 25, 2019
"Akindo Sushiro" is a popular conveyor belt sushi shop in Japan and the most popular one at that! It features over 480 stores in all 47 prefectures. I, Shotaro, will introduce you to Sushiro, where the sushi is always tasty, fresh and delightful.

Delicious yet affordable, Sushiro pays careful attention to the purchasing and preparation of the fish it serves.

a system that automatically discards sushi that has traveled more than a certain distance is patented technology by Sushiro. This way, one is always guaranteed delicious fresh sushi.

Delicious dessert at a sushi restauraunt?! Sushiro features and innovative side menu.

The "Sushiro café department" is always creating dishes for the side menu. There are limited edition sweets, as well as collaborations with well-known dessert makers. Many customers come to sushiro with its side menu in their sights.All of the menu items on the left are past campaign products, and are unavailable now. New menu items pop up frequently, so do keep and eye out for them.

Taste natural, seasonal fish from all over Japan!

Since 2017, Sushiro has been collaborating with Haneda Market in order to serve natural fish caught the same morning. The daily menu availability depends on the catch of the day. it is very rare finding restaurants offering high-quality natural fish at this price.

Specialty tuna.

Sushiro's most popular sushi, "maguro". The tuna used is carefully selected with a focus on freshness. The carefully selected tuna is then prepared in a way so as not to let the umami flavor escape. Time to fill our stomachs to the limit!

Sushiro's mascot character "Dakko Sushi" is too cute!

These mysterious animals love sushi so much they are always hugging the fish tightly. They never let go even while walking, having tea or skydiving. Originally created for children, its strangeness and cuteness quickly became popular among adults. There are even stamp sets for LINE now! They are simply too cute!

Sushiro is taking over the world!

In 2011, Sushiro opened its first store in Korea.

From today onwards, you are now a Sushiro fan!

Here is Shotaro's menu recommendations.

★Sushi Division★A sushiro classic!


100 Yen/80 cal

★Sushi Division★Popular among many!

Shrimp avocado

100 Yen/116 cal

★Sushi Division★Popular among women

Seared salmon with basil & cheese

100 Yen/137 cal

★Side Menu Division★Top ranking regular!


180 Yen/58 cal
*Slight variations depending on the season

★Side Menu Division★Simply delicious!

French fries

100 Yen/191 cal

★Side Menu Division★Ramen that compliments sushi!

Shio ramen with sea bream dashi

330 Yen/271 cal

★Dessert Division★Classic Sushiro dessert!

Catalana ice brûlée

180 Yen/222 cal

★Dessert Division★Sweet and sour deliciousness!

Hokkaido mille crepe melba

180 Yen/204 cal

★Dessert Division★Absolute perfection!

Panna cotta

100 Yen/159 cal

Even more Sushiro! Hidden tips

Did you know, Sushiro has a secret menu! Everything is easy to make using combinations of food on the menu and seasonings found on the table. After trying the food on the menu, deepen your Sushiro experience with these hidden tips!

Green tea powder tips

Green tea is good for your health and beauty. Sushiro uses its own original powdered green tea. Sprinkle some on your favorite desserts to bring it to the next level! The powder can also be purchased as a souvenir.

Green tea powder 18-pack/100 Yen + tax

These make a great combination①

Green tea powder desserts
These make a great combination

These make a great combination②

Green tea powder/salt/food tips
Mix the green tea powder with the salt found on the conveyor belt to make "green tea salt"! It goes well with regular food items!
Match it with things that are fatty, as the green tea will elevate the umami and create a rich flavor.

Winter yellowtail

100 Yen/111 cal
*Winter yellowtail is only available during certain seasons
Shrimp tempura nigiri
100 Yen/147 cal
Pumpkin tempura
100 Yen/72 cal

Sweet sauce tips

Order your favorite sushi and drizzle some sweet sauce found at the table! It is like a sweet teriyaki sauce and is very delicious! Try it when you get tired of soy sauce!
The sweet sauce is also available for purchase!

Sweet sauce 180m/270 Yen +tax

These make a great combination

Avocado shrimp
100 Yen/116 cal
Seafood salad sushi
100 Yen/119 cal
100 Yen/68 cal

Try these other hidden tips!①

French fries + pudding

Try these other hidden tips!②

Sea bream + salt ramen soup + wasabi

Try these other hidden tips!③

Yellowtail + pickled ginger

Try these other hidden tips!④

Udon + grilled eel