Transportation IC cards

March 25, 2019
Transportation IC card is a chargeable IC card which you can use not only on transport means including trains, buses and ferries, but also for shopping at convenient stores. You can use it by just holding it over designated reader and there is no need to buy tickets!
Here, we are going to introduce to you the process from purchasing to returning such convenient cards.

Types of IC card

There are 10 different types of IC cards in Japan, like “Suica” of JR East Japan, “Kitaca” of JR Hokkaido and “ICOCA” of JR West Japan. Since nationwide mutual usage became available, you can get on nearly all trains and buses in Japan as long as you have any one type of the cards.

Buying the card

You can buy IC cards easily from ticket-vending machines. “Suica Card” and “My Suica” are the two types of “Suica”. You need to register your personal information for “My Suica”, but you can have it reissued in case the card is lost. Your first-time purchase includes a deposit of 500yen but it will be refunded when you return the card.

To purchase half-fare “For children”type, you need to present an official document like passport for age confirmation.

“Steps of purchasing a IC card”
Step 1. Select the language.
Step 2. Press “Purchase Suica”.
Step 3. Press “Purchase new Suica”.
Step 4. Select the amount and put in the money.
Step 5. Take the card.

Charging the card

Charge your card when the balance is running low! Charging can be done at ticket-vending machines or fare adjustment machines.

“Steps of charging”
Step 1. Insert the card.
Step 2. Select the language.
Step 3. Select the amount.
Step 4. Put in the money.
Step 5. Take the card.

How to return

You can return your card at ticket counters of the issuing company that handles the type of IC card. The amount paid as deposit will be refunded upon card return. Remaining balance will be refunded but an amount of handling fee will be deducted from the total.