A good deal that cannot be missed! Enjoy your Naha travel using the "Yui Rail All-Access Pass"!

A good deal that cannot be missed! Enjoy your Naha travel using the "Yui Rail All-Access Pass"!

April 8, 2019
Okinawa's "Yui Rail" now has a 24-hour pass that allows you to use the service unlimitedly for the whole day for just 800JPY. With it you can also receive special offers at over 40 facilities in Naha!

What is "Yui Rail"?

Yui Rail is a monorail system located in Okinawa and this system runs through many popular sightseeing spots in the city as well as the Naha Airport. It is a convenient transport facility that is well loved by locals and travelers since its opening in August 2003.

Unlimited rides for 24 hours - Only 800JPY!

Normally the fare of Yui Rail is around 260-330JPY, so with 3-4 trips you can easily get your money's worth. One interesting point about this pass is its validity period. It refers to the 24 hours counted from the moment of use, which means that if you buy it at 2pm, you can use it until 1:59pm the next day, allowing you to travel for 2 days with just 1 ticket!

It's not your average Monorail Pass!

The best thing about this pass is that it allows you to not only save on travel expenses, but also to enter many popular tourist destinations in Naha with discounts. Over 40 facilities and shops are covered, including major spots such as Shurijo Castle, Tamaudun Royal Mausoleum, Shikinaen Garden and Fukushuen Garden.

Examples of special offer:
Shurijo Castle: 20% off on entrance fee
Tamaudun Royal Mausoleum: 20% off on entrance fee
Shikinaen Garden: 20% off on entrance fee
Naha City Museum of History: 20% off on entrance fee
Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum: 20% off on entrance fee

Still not sure whether to buy the pass or not? You would be glad to know that this pass can also help you save on food expenses as well, such as...
Mister Donuts: 20% off on donut purchase
Blue Seal Ice-cream: Size up from single to double
Kentucky Fried Chicken: Free S-size French fries