Passing through the ticket gate: Automatic turnstiles

Passing through the ticket gate: Automatic turnstiles

March 25, 2019
You can find automatic turnstiles, ticket booths and sometimes even unmanned stations in Japan! “Ticket gates” vary in types but this time we will introduce to you the most popular type of “Automatic turnstiles”.


There are two types of automatic turnstiles, namely “IC cards only” and “IC cards/Tickets”.

“When using IC cards”
Hold over your IC card to the part of the reader with the illuminsated IC card logo. Then you can enter/leave when the door opens with a Beep sound.

“When using tickets”
Depending on the model, there are types that allow only the use of IC cards. If you cannot find any outlet for inserting the ticket, try another model! Turnstiles that are near the ticket booths seems to be more compatible.

In times of “There is an error! I cannot get through”…

In times of “There is an error! I cannot get through”…
Below are the main causes of error and solutions when you cannot get through.

①Contact failure (IC cards)
When you hand over the card to the reader, it is possible that the contacting time or the contact surface is not enough. Make sure the contact is enough and try once again!

②Insufficient balance (IC cards)
When the remaining balance of your card is less than the amount needed, charge the card at the fare adjustment machines in front of the turnstiles. You should be able to pass through after charging.

③Override (Tickets)
It is possible that the ticket you bought is not enough to pay the full amount. Insert the ticket into the fare adjustment machine in front of the turnstiles, and pay the balance as shown. Try again using the ticket issued after adjustment.

Information cannot be read if the ticket or IC card is broken. Show the station staff your ticket or IC card and tell them that you cannot pass through.

If the problem still cannot be solved, ask the station staff for help. It may be difficult to communicate with the language barrier, but you will definitely get help from people around.