How to board the ferry

March 25, 2019
Japan is a country consisting of many islands big and small. After enjoying the bustling city, you may want to take some time off to enjoy the nature and old traditions on these islands. To do so you will need to catch a ferry. Let's go through the methods to board a ferry in Japan!

1. Choose your destination

Select where you would like to visit first. Have a look around various websites including ours to see if anything catches your interest.

2. Look at when and where you can catch the ferry from

The port and ferry company may differ depending on your destination and time. Below are a few important points that you may want to keep in minsd when choosing a ferry.

1. From which port can the island be reached from?
2. When (date and time) do you want to use the ferry?
3. What is the name of the company that runs the ferry?

3. How to buy the ferry ticket?

Once you have chosen your ferry, have a look through that company's website to book online or buy it directly at the company's counters.

4. Wait for your ferry at the ferry terminsal

Wait at the terminsal before boarding the ferry. You may want to be at the terminsal approximately 1 hour earlier from departure time. Use the time to grab some snacks, go to the toilet, or take some medication if you are prone to sea sickness.

5. Get on the ferry

When the boarding notice has been announced, it is time to get on the ferry! Go to the terminsal as instructed and show the staff your ticket. The pier can get crowded in the morning so you may want to be on the ferry 15 minsutes before departure.

6. And you are off!

Finally, enjoy the time on the ferry and more so at your destination. Enjoy the experience which small islands of Japan can offer, and don't forget to take some photos to capture the memories!

In the case of bad weather…

Just like airplanes, weather can affect the ferry schedule as well. Contact the ferry company in such times for more information.