About Japan

March 26, 2019
Here is a summary of manners in Japan that you should know!
A fast but useful read especially for beginners of Japan!

Basic Japanese phrases you can use while in Japan

♦Excuse me →Sumimasen
♦Thank you very much. →Arigatou gozaimasu
♦I am sorry. →Gomennasai

♦Good morning →Ohayou gozaimasu
♦Good afternoon →Konnichiwa
♦Good evening →Konbanwa

♦How much is it? →Koreha ikuradesuka
♦It is very tasty. →Oishiidesu

Money exchange

· Exchange office at arrival airport
· Foreign exchange office in town
· Banks and post offices (note the opening hours!)
· ATM (limited to machines compatible with international credit card cashing)

How to buy a ticket

Among Japan's restaurants like Ramen shops, there are some adopting the "prepayment system" that requires customers to first buy the meal tickets from the ticket vending machines before placing an order.

①Put money into the ticket vending machine at the entrance.
②Press the button of the menu you want to order.
③If no change comes out from the machine, press the button labeled "change".
④Sit where the staff assigns you, and hand the meal ticket to the staff.
⑤The dishes ordered will be carried to you.