Unlimited rides on the entire subway line in Tokyo for just 600JPY! Enjoy the city by using transportation pass wisely!

May 10, 2019
Want to have an enjoyable Tokyo trip? Come and have a look at this not-to-be-missed "Tokyo Metro 24-hour Ticket"!

About "Tokyo Metro"

"Tokyo Metro" is a subway system running in the Tokyo metropolitan area. It consists of the 9 lines of "Ginza line", "Marunouchi Line", "Hibiya Line", "Tozai Line", "Chiyoda Line", "Yurakucho Line", "Hanzomon Line", "Namboku Line" and "Fukutoshin Line".

Tokyo, Asakusa, Kitasenju, Ginza, Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro...such places that you are probably familiar with are all covered by "Tokyo Metro", which makes it an essential and important transport facility for Tokyo travel.

Necessary item for Tokyo travel! What is so attractive about "Tokyo Metro 24-hour Ticket"?

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"Tokyo Metro 24-hour Ticket" is a one-day all-access pass for unlimited rides on the entire line of Tokyo Metro. The fare is normally around 170-310JPY for each ride, so you should be able to get your money's worth by riding 2-4 times.

Moreover, the "24-hour" here actually refers to the 24 hours counted from the moment of use. For example, when you start using the pass at 4pm, you can use it until 3:59pm the next day. "It will be such a waste if I don't start traveling in the morning (>_<)" will no longer be something you need to think about, and you can have a carefree travel in Tokyo at your own pace!

Various special offers!

You can enjoy the special service "Chikatoku" by showing your "Tokyo Metro 24-hour Ticket". Receiving original goods at Ueno Zoological Gardens, getting a ticket discount for a two-floor sightseeing bus, getting shopping discounts at Laforet Harajuku as well as on admission fee of musuems and art museums...enjoy special offers at over 100 services from dining, sightseeing to shopping!

Where can I buy it? There are two types of pass!

Walk-up tickets and advance tickets are the 2 types of "Tokyo Metro 24-hour Ticket". Terms of use like the validity period and content of special offers are the same for both types.

◆Walk-up tickets
Same as a regular ticket, you can find the date printed on walk-up tickets as well. They are purchasable at multilingual ticket-vending machines at Tokyo Metro stations, so there is no need to worry about not knowing Japanese! However, be careful that the ticket will become invalid if it is not used before the last train on the day of purchase.

◆Advance tickets
There are cute illustration designs on this type of ticket! You can buy it at Commuter Pass Sales Counters at Tokyo Metro stations. The ticket is effective for 6 months from the date of purchase.