Kaiten zushi walkthrough

March 25, 2019
All you will ever need! From entering the shop to the moment you pay the bill, a complete step-by-step guide! We visit the popular “Sushiro” kaiten zushi restaurant for you and we report back!

STEP1 Entering the shop

1. Enter.

2. Go to the register and check-in and take a number.

3. When your number is called, ask the employee for your seat number and go (or follow them) there.

4. Through the dedicated application you can book your seat, so things will go smoothly even when the restaurant is crowded.

STEP2. Preparation

5. Take your seat and prepare tea.

6. Put some of the green powder in the cup *Note: this is not wasabi but green tea!

7. Put the cup under the tap and press the button so hot water will come out.

8. Choose your language from the touch screen (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean).

STEP.3 Order and delivery

9. See the menu and find what you like and then order it by touching the appropriate spots on the touch screen.

10. An indication and a sound announces your order’s delivery.

11. Take your plate.

12. Wasabi and condiments are free of charge. They also roll on the lane so take the amount you need.

STEP.4 Enjoy your meal

13. Add the proper amount of soy sauce on the neta.

14. Enjoy your meal.

15. The ginger available is free of charge.

16. You can take a commemorative picture with “Dakko Zushi,” the shop’s mascot, using the “VELL” application.

STEP.5 Bill

17. Finish your meal and touch the “Bill” button.

18. Gathering the plates helps.

19. The staff counts the plates you have used and calculates your bill.

20. Take your bill, go to the register, pay and you’re done! It was a great meal!