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Enjoy the sea and night view of Hakodate in a nature-filled journey 

Enjoy the sea and night view of Hakodate in a nature-filled journey 

June 4, 2019
The night view of Mt. Hakodate, the seafood in the morning market and the hot springs...
Hakodate is a town popular for its brimming nature! Use the one-day unlimited pass for the Hakodate Tram to fully enjoy the seafood gourmet and the natural scenery in one day!

Energize the whole day with the Ebisu bowl!

黄清暘_Meloniさん(@cucumber_hqy)がシェアした投稿 -

Hakodate is known for seafood! FIrst let's enjoy breakfast at the Hakodate morning market! The "Ebisu bowl" from the signboard menu of "Ebisuya Shokudo", is a luxurious and greatly satisfying dish made from sea urchin, salted salmon roe, scallop, squid, shrimp, and crab.

Ebisu bowl 2,880JPY

On foot
1 min


Address 函館市若松町9- 16
Directions 函館駅から徒歩1分 どんぶり横丁市場正面中央右側
Business Hours 6am-4pm
Phone Number 0138-23-1602
Web Site URL

Eating tour at Hakodate Morning Market

yoshimi.mさん(@sakura.my5)がシェアした投稿 -

Crab, squid, melon… Hakodate Morning Market is a large market filled with fresh ingredients of Hakodate! Tour the market and enjoy Hakodate-exclusive dishes. You can also experience catching squids from a fish tank and eating them right there.

"Ekini Market" Original Squid Fishing 500JPY-1700JPY

Tram: Hakodate Tram headed for Yunokawa
⇩17 mins


Address 北海道函館市若松町9-19
Business Hours 5:00-14:00
Shop Holidays Open all year round
Phone Number 0138(22)7981
Web Site URL

Gaze at Goryokaku, the star-shaped castle

hiro-tさん(@hiro0924tate)がシェアした投稿 -

View Hakodate from the Goryokaku Tower with a height of 107m. The star-shaped Goryokaku ruins surrounded by waterways is the most popular photo spot in Hakodate.

Present the "ICAS Ticket" to receive a four seasons postcard!

Tram: Hakodate Tram headed for Yunokawa
⇩15 mins


Address 北海道函館市五稜郭町43-9
Phone Number 0138-51-4785
Web Site URL

Relax your feet in a footbath

manamiさん(@ma_naa_teaxx)がシェアした投稿 -

"I want to experience the hot spring, but I'm too tired to change..." If so, how about dipping into a footbath which used the water from the Yunokawa Hot Spring? This can be comfortably used for free and will take away your fatigue as it is effective in relieving muscle pain and weariness!

On foot
10 mins


Address 北海道函館市湯川町1-16-5
Directions JR函館駅から函館市電2系統または5系統「湯の川行き」で約33分、「湯の川温泉」で下車し、徒歩約1分
Business Hours 9am-9pm
Shop Holidays Open all year round
Phone Number 0138-57-8988
Web Site URL

Feel the sea with the popular Hakodate's "Shio Ramen"

のぶをさん(@nobuo_buobuo)がシェアした投稿 -

Shio Ramen is a must-eat when going to Hakodate! Located along the banks of the river which flows within the city and near the sea, this store is featured in several travel sites. Their regular dish, Shio Ramen, is a light-tasting noodles which use whole chicken, chicken bones and Kombu in the broth.

Shio Ramen 700JPY

Tram: Hakodate Tram headed for Hakodatedotsuku-mae
⇩37 mins


Address 北海道函館市湯川町2丁目1番3号
Business Hours 11am-1am (L.O. 12:30am)
Shop Holidays Irregular holiday
Phone Number 0138-57-8934
Web Site URL

See, eat and buy: Do it all in Hakodate Bay Area

The warehouse group filled with an exotic atmosphere built in the Meiji Era is a trendy spot where gourmet lovers, shopaholics, and camera enthusiasts can have their fill. Pastry Snaffle's Souffle Cheesecake is recommended as a souvenir.

Cheese omelet 1,200JPY

On foot
5 mins


Address 北海道函館市末広町14-12
Directions ■JR函館駅徒歩約15min
Business Hours 9:30-19:00
Shop Holidays Open all year round
Phone Number 0138-27-5530
Web Site URL

Eat local hamburgers in Hakodate

WŠさん(@ws_dating)がシェアした投稿 -

"Lucky Pierrot" hamburgers are very popular among the locals! Try their most popular dish, Chinese Chicken Burger, inside their retro store where you can bask in its original atmosphere.

Chinese Chicken Burger 350JPY

Ropeway: Hakodate Ropeway
⇩9 mins


Address 函館市末広町14-17
Business Hours 10am-12:30am (Sat 10am-1:30am)
Phone Number 0138-27-5000
Web Site URL
Description AM10:00~AM0:30(土のみAM1:30)

Savor the night view from Mt. Hakodate, one of the "three greatest night views in the world"

はるかさん(@suzukiiii4)がシェアした投稿 -

Ride the ropeway to Mt. Hakodate summit viewing platform at an altitude of 334m. The night view from there is considered as one of the "three greatest night views in the world". You will surely be moved to tears with its superb view!!

Adult ropeway round-trip 1,280JPY
Children ropeway round-trip 640JPY

Tram: Hakodate Tram Route headed for Yunokawa
⇩6 mins


Address 北海道函館市函館山
Business Hours 10am-10pm (10/16-4/24 10am-9pm)
Shop Holidays Open all year round
Phone Number 0138-23-6288
Web Site URL

Have a drink at the night view bar

かめさん(@wakayuri.kamechan)がシェアした投稿 -

Enjoy a drink while gazing at the night view of Hakodate at the bar on the 13th floor of the hotel near Hakodate Station. Enjoying the beautiful view while holding a cocktail in one hand will surely be an experience of one kind.

夜景バー エステラード(ESUTERADO)

Address 函館市若松町14番10号 フォーポイントバイシェラトン函館13階
Directions JR 「函館」駅 下車 徒歩1分
Business Hours 6pm-12am (L.O. 11:30pm), Jul-Sep: 6pm-1am (L.O. 12:30am)
Shop Holidays Open all year round
Phone Number 0138-22-0111
Web Site URL