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Visit popular recreational spots in Tokyo for just 900JPY!

Visit popular recreational spots in Tokyo for just 900JPY!

April 26, 2019
Grab yourself a "Keio 1Day Ticket" and enjoy Tokyo from the mountain with the most climbers to stylish streets!

Let's start with breakfast

Fumio Igarashiさん(@figarashi)がシェアした投稿 -

There are 3 types of morning sets.
Try the 400JPY set with 2 pieces of Onigiri (rice balls), side dishes and Miso soup this time!

Train:Keio Line Limited Express headed for keiohachioji
⇩37 mins
Kitano (Transit)
Train:Keio Takao Line headed for Takaoyama
⇩13 mins

おだむすび 西口広場店(ODAMUSUBI)

Address 東京都新宿区西新宿1-1-3
Directions JR新宿駅から徒歩1分
Business Hours 6am-8:30pm (Mon-Fri) / 6:45am-7:30pm (Sat) / 6:45am-6pm (Sun,Hol)
Shop Holidays Open all year round

The mountain with the most climbers in the world

看板photoさん(@kanbanphotos)がシェアした投稿 -

高尾山山頂ナウ❗ #高尾山#気持ちいい#汗だくだく#デトックス#夏

Tomoyo yamasakiさん(@tomoyo.yamaa)がシェアした投稿 -

260 million people visit Mt. Takao in a year.
There are various routes to get to the top and each of them only takes around 2 hours, so relax and enjoy the climb!

On foot


Address 東京都八王子市高尾町
Directions 京王線「高尾山口駅」から徒歩5分

Eat some Tororo (grated yam) Soba

Enjoy Mt. Takao's specialty "Tororo Soba"!

Tororo Soba 950JPY

Train:Keio Takao Line Semi-Special Express headed for Shinjuku
40 mins
Meidaimae (Transit)
Train:Keio Inogashira Line Express headed for Kichijoji
11 mins


Address 東京都八王子市高尾町2209
Directions 京王線「高尾山口駅」から徒歩3分
Business Hours [Soba] Mon-Fri: 10am-5:30pm(L.O) / Sat,Sun,Hol: 10am-6pm(L.O) / [Kaiseki] 10am-9pm
Shop Holidays irregular holidays

To the oasis in the city

Enjoy the rich greenery in this park.
You can even glide through the lake in swan boats!

On foot


Address 東京都武蔵野市御殿山1-18-31
Directions 京王井の頭線「井の頭公園」から徒歩1分
Shop Holidays Open all year round
Web Site URL

Spend a relaxing time with cats

MIROMARIさん(@miromari2009)がシェアした投稿 -

If you are a cat-lover, this café is for you!
It has gained popularity recently and you will definitely have a good time with the adorable cats there.
Speaking of food, how can your resist the Chocolate Banana Nuts Parfait with a cute cat-shaped cookie?

Chocolate Banana Nuts Parfait 650JPY

Train:Keio Inogashira Line Express headed for Shibuya


Address 東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺本町2-33-2
Directions 各線「吉祥寺駅」から徒歩7分
Business Hours 10am‐9pm
Shop Holidays irregular holidays
Web Site URL

Visit the vintage clothing store

Besides vintage clothing for men and women, all the shoes, bags and accessories in this shop are available at 990JPY!

On foot
⇩5 mins


Address 東京都世田谷区北沢2‐30‐10 浜辺ビル201
Directions 小田急線「下北沢駅」から徒歩5分
Business Hours 12pm -11pm
Shop Holidays Open all year round

cafe Stay Happy(CAFE STAY HAPPY)

Address 東京都世田谷区代沢2-29-14 2F
Directions 小田急線「下北沢駅」から徒歩3分
Business Hours 1pm-11pm (except Tue and Sun) / 1pm-10pm (Sun)
Shop Holidays Tue, 2nd Wednesday
Web Site URL

Have a drink at Shinjuku "Omoide Yokocho"

Yamada Yukariさん(@ear_yamada)がシェアした投稿 -

Rebeccaさん(@dreamer_rebecca)がシェアした投稿 -

Pass through Shinjuku's railway viaduct and you will find the bar district of "Omoide Yokocho" in the alley leading to the West Exit of Shinjuku Station.
You can feel the friendly atmosphere of Japan's good old days there.
Visit the Yakitori (grilled chicken) store that is popular with foreign visitors and enjoy the delicious assorted chicken (5 pieces) this time!

Assorted Chicken (5 pieces) 755JPY


Address 東京都新宿区西新宿1-2-4
Directions 各線「新宿駅」から徒歩2分
Business Hours 12pm - 11:40pm(L.O.11:10pm)
Shop Holidays Open all year round