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Enjoy Sapporo's famous spots and its gourmet till the night!

Enjoy Sapporo's famous spots and its gourmet till the night!

March 25, 2019
Sapporo is one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Hokkaido.
While being a big city, Sapporo is a place where you can enjoy from morning to night its rich nature (parks!), and also delicious food.
Let's travel around by bus to visit the famous attractions and shops where you can try local gourmet!

Have breakfast at Ishiya Café

奥山絹子さん(@lino1111kinuko)がシェアした投稿 -

A café established by Ishiya that is famous for its popular cookies "Shiroi Koibito". You can choose from the various kinds of sandwiches, pancakes and croissants!

Croissant Set 500JPY

Bus: Sapporo Walk (Loop 88 Sapporo Beer Garden・Factory Line)
Sapporoekimae (tokyu)
⇩2 mins
Kita-ichijo (nishi 1)


Address 北海道札幌市中央区大通西4-6-1 札幌大通西4ビル B2
Directions JR札幌駅から徒歩7分/ 地下鉄南北線大通駅すぐ
Business Hours 8am-10pm
Shop Holidays New Year's holiday
Phone Number 011-231-1487
Web Site URL http://www.ishiya.co.jp/cafe/

Head to the popular "Sapporo Clock Tower"

Speaking of Sapporo, the Clock Tower with red roof and white wall is quite the impressive symbol.
How can you miss out taking some photos there?
You can hear the sound of the bell everyday at noon.

On foot


Address 北海道札幌市中央区北1西2
Directions 大通駅から徒歩5mins
Business Hours 8:45am -5:10pm
Shop Holidays New year's holiday
Web Site URL http://sapporoshi-tokeidai.jp/

Walk around the Odori Park

長田朱実さん(@akke1107)がシェアした投稿 -

The Odori Park is a recreational spot for locals.
Events are held throughout the year there, including the famous "Yukimatsuri (Snow Festival)" in Winter.

On foot


Address 北海道札幌市中央区大通西
Directions 地下鉄東西線『大通駅』または『西11丁目駅』下車
Business Hours Open for 24 hours a day
Shop Holidays Open all year round
Phone Number 011-251-0438
Web Site URL http://www.sapporo-park.or.jp/odori/en/

Have a great view of the city from Sapporo TV Tower

Sapporo TV Tower is like the landmark of Sapporo.
You can overlook the Sapporo city and the Ishikari Plain from the Observatory.

On foot
⇩1 min


Address 北海道札幌市中央区大通西1
Directions 大通駅(東豊線)から徒歩 約1分
Business Hours 9am-10pm
Shop Holidays irregular holidays
Web Site URL http://www.tv-tower.co.jp/en/

Fill your stomach with some Miso Ramen

義@ぎさん(@tadashi1213)がシェアした投稿 -

Miso Ramen is a must-have in Sapporo!
Have a bowl at this Ramen shop established in 1968 that is located inside the TV Tower.

Miso Ramen 750JPY

Bus: Sapporo Walk (Loop 88 Sapporo Beer Garden・Factory Line)
⇩10 mins
Sapporo Factory

みそラーメンのよし乃 さっぽろテレビ塔地下店(MISO RAMEN NO YOSHINO)

Address 北海道札幌市中央区大通西1 さっぽろテレビ塔 B1F
Directions さっぽろテレビ塔内
Business Hours 11am-8pm (Mon-Sat) / 11am-7pm (Sun)
Shop Holidays New year's day , irregular holidays
Phone Number 011-233-1414
Web Site URL http://www.tv-tower.co.jp/floor_guide/detail.php?id=11

It's time for some shopping at "Sapporo Factory"!

@tunnels_wanfuがシェアした投稿 -

This brick architecture is a former factory of Sapporo Beer and has been renovated into a shopping mall as it is now.
Enjoy your time shopping or having some sweet treats at the many cafés there!

On foot
⇩3 mins


Address 北海道札幌市中央区北2条東4丁目
Directions 「サッポロファクトリー」バス停下車すぐ、「バスセンター前」駅下より徒歩3分
Business Hours shopping : 10am - 8pm / restaurant : 11am - 10pm
Shop Holidays 31st Decemble
Phone Number 011-207-5000
Web Site URL https://sapporofactory.jp.e.acw.hp.transer.com/

Eat a donut after some shopping!

rinaさん(@ri_na_926)がシェアした投稿 -

Visit this popular Coffee and Donut shop introduced even by the New York Times!
How about trying their plain donut this time?

Drink and Donut Set 750JPY

Bus: Sapporo Walk (Loop 88 Sapporo Beer Garden・Factory Line)
Sapporo Factory
⇩5 mins
Sapporo Beer Garden


Address 北海道札幌市中央区北3条東6-356
Directions 「バスセンター前」駅から徒歩10分
Business Hours 11am~9:30pm(L.O. 9pm)
Phone Number 011-211-0034
Web Site URL http://www.morihiko-dxm.com/information.html

Buffet at Sapporo Beer Garden

Milky Fleurさん(@milkyfleur1004)がシェアした投稿 -

Limited to Trommel Hall at Sapporo Beer Garden only!
Enjoy the buffet there with Genghis Khan (pronounced Jingisukan, Japanese grilled mutton dish), red king crab, snow crab and of course Sushi!

Buffet Adult (middle school students) 5,260JPY

Bus: Sapporo Walk (Loop 88 Sapporo Beer Garden・Factory Line)
Sapporo Beer Garden
⇩17 mins
Sapporoekimae (tokyu)

サッポロビール園 トロンメルホール(SapporoBeerGarden Trommel Hall)

Address 北海道札幌市東区北7条東9-2-10開拓使館 1F
Directions 「サッポロビール園」バス停よりすぐ
Business Hours 5am~10pm (L.O.9:30pm)
Shop Holidays 31st Decemble
Web Site URL https://www.sapporo-bier-garten.jp/global/english.html

Stop by the convenience store

Akiko Sasaharaさん(@akovi98)がシェアした投稿 -

段🦁さん(@duan0814)がシェアした投稿 -

Stop by Family Mart to grab some Fami-Chicken and Horoyoi (Japanese sake) as midnight snacks!

Fami-Chicken 180JPY/Horoyoi 152JPY

ファミリーマート 札幌駅北口店(FamilyMart)

Address 北海道札幌市北区北七条西4-1
Directions 札幌駅より徒歩2分
Business Hours Open for 24 hours a day
Shop Holidays Open all year round
Phone Number 011-708-7246
Web Site URL http://www.family.co.jp/