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Enjoy the seaside city of Fukuoka by bus

Enjoy the seaside city of Fukuoka by bus

May 25, 2019
Fukuoka is a port town by the seaside.
Besides the ocean, you can find many watersides at ponds and gardens in the city.
Let's go sightseeing at the waterside spots in Fukuoka this time!

Start your day with Ramen at Fukuoka Airport

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Fukuoka Airport is the gateway to Kyushu.
Start your day with a bowl of Tonkotsu (pork bone) Ramen at "Ichiran"!
You can have a view of airplanes taking off while having the Ramen.
After finishing the meal, you can start your Fukuoka trip in full power!

Train: Fukuoka City Subway Kuko (Airport) Line headed for Nishikaratsu
Fukuoka Airport

天然とんこつラーメン専門店 一蘭 福岡空港店(ICHIRAN FUKUOKA AIRPORT BRANCH)

Address 福岡県福岡市博多区下臼井778-1
Directions 福岡空港国内線旅客ターミナル2F
Business Hours 6:45-Until the final flight depertured
Shop Holidays Open all year round


Address 福岡県福岡市中央区大濠公園1-2
Directions 地下鉄大濠公園駅から徒歩で5min 西鉄バス「西公園」下車

Enjoy pancake at terrace

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Tired after riding the Amenbo? Take a rest on the terrace of this fashionable café!
You can have a great view of the pond while enjoying your pancake here.


Bus: Nishitetsu Bus (77) headed for Fukuoka Tower [TNC Hosokaikanmae]
Fukuoka-tower (TNC Hosokaikanmae)

ロイヤルガーデンカフェ(ROYAL GARDEN CAFE)

Address 福岡県福岡市中央区大濠公園1-3 ボ-トハウス大濠パ-ク 1F
Directions 地下鉄大濠公園駅から徒歩で5min 西鉄バス「西公園」下車
Business Hours Mon-Fri 11:00 - L.O.21:00(Sept-Feb 20:30) Sat,Sun,Hol 9:00 - L.O.21:00(Sept-Feb 20:30)
Shop Holidays Open all year round

Have a spectacular view of the city from Fukuoka Tower

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Fukuoka Tower is the highest seaside tower in Japan! You can have a great view of the streets of Fukuoka and the Hakata Bay from the observation room on the top floor. You can also find a flower arch in heart shape and a spot for couples to place their locks. So go there with your love ones for a romantic experience!

Show your "FUKUOKA TOURIST CITY PASS" to receive a 160JPY discount!

Bus: Nishitetsu Bus (302) headed for Tenjin,Nokata/ Nishitetsu Bus (204) headed for
Nokata [Eigyojo]


Address 福岡県福岡市早良区百道浜2-3-26
Directions 福岡タワーバス停または福岡タワー南口バス停
Business Hours 9:30am - 10pm (last admission at 9:30pm)
Shop Holidays Please check the official website for details.
Web Site URL https://www.fukuokatower.co.jp/en/

Have a Japanese-style meal in the shopping center

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There are many clothing and variety stores inside this commercial building.
But before heading out to shop, fill you stomach first at the famous "Kisuitei"!

Kisuidon (seafood rice bowl): 780JPY

Bus: Nishitetsu Bus (63) headed for Ohashi


Address 福岡県福岡市中央区天神1-11-11
Directions 西鉄天神北口から徒歩3min 市営地下鉄七隈線天神南駅→5番出口から徒歩3min 西鉄天神高速バスターミナルから徒歩5min
Business Hours B2F-6F,8F/10:00-20:00 7F(Restaurant floor)/11:00-22:30
Shop Holidays Open all year round

Visit the Sumiyoshijinja Shrine

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A beautiful shrine with a vermilion Main Hall.
With 1,800 years of history, it is regarded as an Important Cultural Property of Japan.
The combination of the vermilion Hall and the greenery is a perfect spot for photos!

On foot


Address 福岡市博多区住吉3-1-51
Directions JR博多駅・地下鉄博多駅から徒歩約10min 西鉄バス「住吉」下車、徒歩約2min
Business Hours -
Shop Holidays Open all year round

Enjoy Japanese sweets and tea at Rakusuien Garden

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You can find a tea room in a Japanese garden in the north of Sumiyoshijinja Shrine.
Take your time to enjoy the garden view and also Japanese sweets and tea there!
If you wear a Kimono and go there on the "Kimono Day" on the second Saturday of every month, you can get free tea!

300JPY a smoke (with seasonal sweets)→
Show your FUKUOKA TOURIST CITY PASS to get a 20JPY discount on admission!

Bus: Nishitetsu Bus (99) headed for Hakatafuto


Address 福岡市博多区住吉2-10-7
Directions JR博多駅(博多口)から徒歩12分 キャナルシティ博多から徒歩10分 住吉神社から徒歩1分
Business Hours 9:00-17:00
Shop Holidays Tue
Web Site URL http://rakusuien.net/

Take a break at Onsen

Relieve your fatigue at an Onsen near the Hakata Port! There are outdoor baths, 7 types of bedrock baths and also a space with hammocks for you to rest.
Have dinner at the restaurant inside this Onsen facility to end your trip today!

Tempura Meal: 980JPY→show your FUKUOKA TOURIST CITY PASS to get a 100JPY discount on Onsen bath fee!

Bus: Nishitetsu Bus (47) headed for Nakagawa Bus Office
Hakataekimae A


Address 福岡市博多区築港本町13-1
Directions 福岡市営地下鉄「中州川端」駅から徒歩約18min 「博多ふ頭」バス停から徒歩2min
Business Hours 9:00-25:00
Shop Holidays Open all year round

Return back to Hakata Station

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It's about time to go back to your hotel!
The last bus heading towards Hakata Station operates at between 11pm to 11:30pm depending on the day.