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A plan to enjoy the ocean and nature of Osaka!

A plan to enjoy the ocean and nature of Osaka!

May 28, 2019
Speaking of Osaka, gourmet may be something that pop up in your mind. It in fact also has many natural attractions for you to visit. Let's use discount pass this time to meet the ocean of Osaka!

Enjoy a stylish breakfast at Temmabashi

Cafe Tokionaさん(@cafe_tokiona)がシェアした投稿 -

"Café Tokiona" is a popular café in Temmabashi. You will definitely enjoy the Jazz music and the antique atmosphere there. Try the delicious morning toast this time!

Morning blended coffee 450JPY/ Butter toast Drink cost + 100JPY

Train: Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line headed for Yaominami
Train: Osaka Metro Chuo Line headed for Cosmosquare
⇩15 mins

Cafe Tokiona(Cafe Tokiona)

Address 大阪府大阪市北区天満2-4-8 NACビル 1F
Directions 天満橋駅 徒歩6分
Business Hours 7am~5pm ( Mon-Sat ) / 7am~5pm (Sun,Hol)
Shop Holidays Wed.
Phone Number 06-6355-1117
Web Site URL

Visit the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

Embodied the concepts of "the Ring of Fire" and "the Ring of Life", the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan recreates the Pacific Rim Ocean with the giant water tank that changes the conventional view on aquariums.

Admission 2,300JPY→Free!

Train: Osaka Metro Chuo Line headed for Ikoma
⇩11 mins


Address 大阪府大阪市港区海岸通1-1-10
Directions 「大阪港駅」より徒歩約5分
Business Hours 9:30 am~8pm (Last admission at 7pm) Depending on the season
Shop Holidays Please check the official website for details.
Phone Number 06-6576-5501
Web Site URL

Large mouthfuls of meat for lunch

Enjoy the pork steak set meal. The soft meat together with the dense sauce is the perfect combination that will make your mouth water.

Thick Cut Pork Steak Single (200g) 880JPY

Train: Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line headed for Suminoekoen
Namba/ Nankai Namba
Train: Nankai Main Line headed for Misakikoen


Address 大阪府大阪市中央区本町4-8-6 大阪屋横堀ビル1F
Directions 本町駅より徒歩3分
Business Hours 11am-3:30pm (LUNCH) / 5:30pm-9pm (DINNER)
Phone Number 06-6241-1116

Visit the most popular shrine in Osaka

Sumiyoshitaisha Shrine is the headquarter of all Sumiyoshi shrines in Japan. The four Main Halls are National Treasure with a high cultural value. With visitors surpassing 200 million every year, this shrine is the most popular shrine in Osaka.

Train: Nankai Main Line headed for Wakayama
Train: Nankai Main Line Airport Express headed for Kansai Airport
Rinku Town

住吉大社(Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine)

Address 大阪府大阪市住吉区住吉2-9-89
Directions 南海本線「住吉大社駅」から徒歩3分
Business Hours 6am-5pm (Apr.-Sep.) / 6:30am-5pm (Oct.-Mar.)
Shop Holidays Open all year round
Phone Number 06-6672-0753
Web Site URL

Enjoy the nature of Osaka at a park with sea view

hamtamloveさん(@hamtamlove)がシェアした投稿 -

The reclaimed land across the Kansai International Airpot and at the seaside of Rinku Town is the Rinku Park. Spend some time there to enjoy the blue ocean and greenery and relax for a bit.

On foot
9 mins

りんくう公園(RINKU PARK)

Address 大阪府泉佐野市りんくう往来北1-271
Directions りんくうタウン駅から徒歩3分
Business Hours Open 24 hours a day
Shop Holidays Open all year round
Phone Number 072-469-7717
Web Site URL

Eat some luxurious chocolate desserts

Enjoy the globally loved chocolate of Godiva at Rinku Park! After that is the time for shopping at outlet!

Chocolixir: 85% Dark Chocolate 590JPY/ White Chocolate Uji Matcha 590JPY

Train: Nankai Main Line Airport Express headed for Nankai Namba
Rinku Town
⇩46 mins
Nankai Namba

ゴディバ りんくうプレミアム・アウトレット店(GODIVA RINKU PREMIUM OUTLETS)

Address 大阪府泉佐野市りんくう往来南3-28
Directions りんくうタウン駅より徒歩6分
Business Hours 10am- 8pm
Shop Holidays 3rd Thu of Feb
Phone Number 072-464-2523
Web Site URL

The popular Gyukatsu (beef cutlet) for dinner!

How can you miss the famous beef cutlet when you come to Japan? You can find beef cutlet made of marbled meat fried with special breadcrumbs, and also raw marbled meat in this large Grilled Beef Don (rice bowl).

Marbled beef cutlet meal 100g (rice, Miso soup, pickles) 1,180JPY/ Gokai Grilled Beef Don (small) 980JPY

On foot
5 mins

牛かつ専門店 日本橋 富士(NIPPONNBASHI FUJI)

Address 大阪府大阪市中央区千日前2-7-22
Directions 南海難波駅より徒歩5分
Business Hours 11am-11pm
Shop Holidays Open all year round
Phone Number 06-6631-2929
Web Site URL

Last but not least, have some "Takoyaki" (octopus balls)!

mikiさん(@oxox.miki.oxox)がシェアした投稿 -

Speaking of gourmet of Osaka, Takoyaki is definitely something up on the list. Have some hot and crunchy Takoyaki as midnight snacks!

Takoyaki (6 pieces) 380JPY

たこ焼き壱番 道頓堀店(Takoyaki Ichiban Dotonbori)

Address 大阪府大阪市中央区道頓堀1-10-1
Directions 難波駅から徒歩3mins
Business Hours 9am-12am
Shop Holidays Open all year round
Web Site URL