Travel around the world with navigation app “PinnAR”

Travel around the world with navigation app “PinnAR”

March 25, 2019
"I don't know the way even with a map…"
"I want to search for this restaurant but I don't know Japanese…"
These may be some of your struggles during your travel.

If you have similar experiences before,
you should definitely take a look at "PinnAR", a navigation app which will help you arrive at your destination with ease.

First, let's head to Tokyo Tower together with "PinnAR"!

Set the destination!

Set the destination!
"There is a place I want to go but I don't know the language…"
If you are facing this situation, try the "Word Scanner" function and you won't have to worry about not knowing how to type the foreign words!

Take a photo of the words printed on guide boards or pamphlet and you can set it as destination!

Walk along the route!

Walk along the route!
"I can't figure out the way even when I am using the map…"
No matter how bad you are at reading map, the "AR navigation" function will help you arrive at your destination without getting lost!

Stop by the nearby store…

Stop by the nearby store…
"I want to buy some water but where is the nearest store?"
If you want to know the location, use the "Nearby Places" function and you can find immediately nearby facilities like train stations, ATM, convenience stores and so on easily!


Shop economically!

Shop economically!
"Where is the nearest store that offer discount?"
In case you want to save the travel cost as much as possible, use the "Coupon" function and you can get discount coupons in stores nearby!

How was it?

In addition, PinnAR can be used all around the world!
It is now available in Traditional Chinese, Simple Chinese, English and Korean.
Please look forward to new features and future development!

Don't hesitate to search for your destination using PinnAR!

  • Application name: PinnAR
  • Price: Free
  • Supported OS: Android 4.4 or later, iOS 11.0 or later iPhone, iPad, iPod touch