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Worth waiting in line for! A selection of 8 of the city's most popular restaurants

Worth waiting in line for! A selection of 8 of the city's most popular restaurants

March 27, 2019
There are loads of fantastic places in Tokyo that you'll want to try even if you have to wait an hour. We'll show you our pick of the best specialty restaurants serving meat, noodles, Donburi rice bowls, and sweets. See for yourself why people line up outside!

<Meat> Tender beef cutlets in Shibuya

お喜楽道さん(@okirakudo_)がシェアした投稿 -

Enjoy flavorsome beef paired with wasabi soy sauce and rock salt.

Beef cutlet and barley rice set 130g 1,300JPY


Address 東京都渋谷区渋谷3-18-10 大野ビル2号館 B1F
Directions JR山手線「渋谷」駅(東口)より、徒歩4分
Business Hours 10am-L.O 10pm
Shop Holidays Open all year round
Phone Number 03-3797-3735
Web Site URL http://www.gyukatsu-motomura.com/shop/shibuya

<Meat> Pork cutlets that enjoy huge popularity

The renowned Narikura, which has been featured on TV, is also very popular with visitors from abroad. Make sure to give these pork cutlets a try, with meat so soft that it melts in the mouth.

Marbled highland pork loin cutlets meal (140g), 1,980JPY


Address 東京都新宿区高田馬場1-32-11 小澤ビル地下1F
Directions JR,西武新宿線高田馬場駅戸山口より、徒歩1分
Business Hours Lunch 11am~1:30pm (L.O.) Dinner 5:30pm~8pm (L.O.)
Shop Holidays Thur, Sun
Phone Number 03-6380-3823

<Noodles> Kings of the world of Ramen

r.5480さん(@r.5480)がシェアした投稿 -

This celebrated ramen restaurant holds first place nationwide on a famous review site. Its firm, springy noodles and rich seafood broth will get you hooked.

Special rich seafood dipping noodles 1,100JPY


Address 東京都葛飾区東新小岩1-4-17
Directions JR総武線「新小岩」駅(北口)より、徒歩3分
Business Hours (Mon-Fri) 11am~3pm, 6pm~10pm (Mon: ~8pm) / (Sat, Sun, Hol) 10:30am~3pm, 6pm~10pm ※Until sold out
Shop Holidays New Year's holiday, summer holiday
Phone Number 03-3697-9787
Web Site URL http://www.menya-itto.com/

<Noodles> An Udon restaurant that makes no compromises on its noodles

We recommend the Tenzaru, featuring vegetable and prawn tempura as an accompaniment to top-quality udon, which are made with a commitment to "freshly kneaded, freshly cut, and freshly boiled".

Tenzaru 1,300JPY

うどん 慎(UDON SHIN)

Address 東京都渋谷区代々木2-20-16 相馬ビル1F
Directions 都営新宿線・京王新線・大江戸線 「新宿駅」6番出口より、徒歩2分/ JR各線「新宿駅」南口・新南口より、 徒歩7分
Business Hours Mon-Thu, Sun, Hol : 11am~11pm (L.O. 10pm) / Fri, Sat : 11am~12am (L.O. 11pm)
Shop Holidays New Year's holiday
Phone Number 03-6276-7816
Web Site URL https://www.udonshin.com/

<Donburi> Try an extra-large Tempura Donburi in Nihombashi

Katsuさん(@jyajyakatsu)がシェアした投稿 -

This is a luxurious dish with fresh conger eel, shrimp, squid and a half-boiled egg on top!
It's definitely worth an hour's wait.

Edomae Tendon 980JPY


Address 中央区日本橋室町1-11-15
Directions 三越前駅より徒歩1分
Business Hours 11am-22pm (21:30pm LO)(Mon-Fri) 10am-21pm (20:30 LO)(Sat,Sun,Holidays)
Shop Holidays New Year's holiday,irregular holiday
Phone Number +81-3-3243-0707
Web Site URL http://kaneko-hannosuke.com/


Address 東京都中央区日本橋3-1-15 久栄ビル 1F
Directions 日本橋駅B3出口より、徒歩2分/ 東京駅より、徒歩5分
Business Hours (Mon-Fri) lunch 11am~3pm, 5pm~9pm (Sat, Sun, Hol) 11am~9pm
Shop Holidays New Year's holiday, summer holiday
Phone Number 03-6262-0823

<Sweets> Enjoy pancakes in this colorful and popular café

Eat thick, fluffy pancakes at this famous spot in Harajuku. The combination of pancakes and the shop's rainbow decor is perfect for those Instagram shots!

Macadamia nut sauce 1,250JPY


Address 東京都渋谷区神宮前4-28-4 ARES GARDEN OMOTESANDO 2F
Directions JR 山手線原宿駅 竹下口より、徒歩約5分/ 地下鉄千代田線・副都心線明治神宮前駅5番出口より、徒歩約3分
Business Hours 10am~6pm (L.O. food 5pm, drink 5:30pm) 予約10amのみ可能
Shop Holidays Tue
Phone Number 03-6434-0466
Web Site URL http://www.rainbowpancake.net/

<Sweets> Japan's first brûlée-style crepes

In Harajuku, Comcrepe is the classic. Try these hot, crispy, aromatic crepes!

Crêpe Brûlée 600JPY


Address 東京都渋谷区神宮前1-8-25 One Takeshita Place1-A
Directions JR山手線「原宿駅」より、徒歩5分/ 東京メトロ千代田線副都心線「明治神宮前駅」より、徒歩5分
Business Hours 10am-8pm
Shop Holidays Wed
Phone Number 03-6455-4464
Web Site URL http://comcrepe.com/