Too cute! ! 5 unique trains selected from all over Japan.

Too cute! ! 5 unique trains selected from all over Japan.

June 7, 2019
Are trains only a means to reach the destination? Well, it is not just that!
Good to see, good to ride and good to dine in. We will introduce such cute and unique trains from all over Japan!

Tama Line (Wakayama Electric Railway Kishigawa Line)

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It is a local train in the motif of "Tama Station Master", a Japan-leading working cat that became the Ultra Station Master in 2008. "Eco- & Cat-o-logical Train" is the concept.
When you get on the train, look for the cute footsteps of the 101 Tama Station Masters drawn on the floor ♪

Wakayama ~ Tanakaguchi (one way): 190JPY

Kotatsu Train (Sanriku Railway)

The "Kotatsu Train" which runs the Sanriku Railway famous from the drama "Ama-chan", running on weekends and holidays in the winter! How about gazing at the snow-piled city of Ama-chan while enjoying the warmth? On the trip to Tanohata, you can also enjoy Sea Urchin Rice Bowl (uni-don), Sea Urchin-Abalone Lunch Box (uni-awabi-bento), Scallop Lunch Box (hotate bento) (Reservation is required by 13:00 the previous day)

One way: normal fare + 300JPY

Thomas the Tank Engine (Oigawa Railway)

The real Thomas and James are there as if they jumped out of the TV screen! Lunch boxes are cute too! ! ! You can also visit the maintenance workshop.

One way: Adult 3,000JPY, Child 1,500JPY
※ Includes ride commemoration goods. Reservation required.

Botchan Train (Iyotetsu)

This train appeared in the novel "Botchan" by Soseki Natsume, the literary master who was prolific during the early 20th century.
As a symbol of sightseeing in Matsuyama, it runs the Dogo Onsen-Matsuyama Station section.

Botchan Train (1 ride): Adult 800JPY, Child 400JPY



Medetai Train (Nankai Railway Kada Sakana Line)

With a motif of "sea bream (tai)" which is regarded as auspicious fish after the word "omedetai (congratulations)", this train makes you welcome and fall in love, truly "a happy train". At just about 1 hour from Kansai Airport, good accessibility is also an attraction!

Kansai Airport ~ Kada (one way): Adult 970JPY, Child 490JPY