January 9, 2019
Enjoy Shikoku & Shodoshima to the Full!
A dedicated free pass for foreign travelers providing unlimited travel on all train lines within Shikoku, the Shodoshima Ferry & buses on Shodoshima with a single ticket, with additional discounts and other benefits!!


3-Day Pass - Adult: 9,000JPY (Child: 4,500JPY)
4-Day Pass - Adult: 10,000JPY (Child: 5,000JPY)
5-Day Pass - Adult: 11,000JPY (Child: 5,500JPY)
7-Day Pass - Adult: 12,000JPY (Child: 6,000JPY)

* Prices when purchased overseas. A surcharge of 500JPY is applied to the above prices when purchased in Japan.
Validity Period
Three Days/Four Days+
Special Offers
Credit Card
Online Sale

Available Area

Available Area
Available for use on the following trains, buses and ferries.
・All JR Shikoku lines and all Tosa Kuroshio Railway lines (non-reserved seats in regular carriages on limited express, rapid and local trains)
・All Asa Kaigan Railway lines, all Takamatsu-Kotohira Electric Railroad lines, all lyo Railway lines, all Tosaden Kotsu lines
・Ferry between Takamatsu Port and Tonosho Port (Shodoshima Ferry)
・Shodoshima Olive Bus Line (excluding regular sightseeing)

Special Offers

Special Offers
The following preferential services are available on presenting the pass.
JR Shikoku Pass Discount (Nangoku Express between Matsuyama and Kochi):
Normally 3,600JPY→1,000JPY
Super Jet: Normally 7,100JPY→4,970JPY
Nankai Ferry: 30% discount on passenger fares
Jumbo Ferry: 50% discount on passenger fares
Takashimaya Ferris Wheel: Normally 700JPY→Free
Shodoshima Olive Tea: Free gift, etc.
(Please see the official website below for details)

Important Notices

・Available for use on consecutive days from the first day of use (3-days, 4-days, 5-days, and 7-days).
・A foreign passport needs to be presented at time of purchase.
・Only available for overseas residents with short-stay entry status.
* Requires proof of "short-stay entry status" stamped in the passport on arrival in Japan. If using the automatic entry gate on arrival in Japan, please ask airport staff for certification of the passport with a stamp.
・Not available for use on buses (except for the Shodoshima Olive Bus).
・Not available for use on some trains, buses and ferries.
・Valid for use within 3 months from the date issued by MCO.

How to Buy

How to Buy
You can buy it at counters.
Sales location:Overseas travel agencies and stations and shops within Japan
(Please see the official website for details)
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How to Use

How to Use
Please show it to the staff at the station's ticket gates.
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