Kanazawa, Kaga, and Noto Gururin Pass (3-Day)

Kanazawa, Kaga, and Noto Gururin Pass (3-Day)

December 28, 2018
Enjoy the Kanazawa, Kaga and Noto areas!
Best value pass that includes express return tickets departing Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe, unlimited entry to 24 tourist facilities, 2 cultural experiences as well as 3-days of unlimited travel on JR tour buses.


Departing from/arriving at Kyoto City: Adult: 14,770JPY (Child: 7,380JPY)
Departing from/arriving at Osaka City: Adult: 16,300JPY (Child: 8,150JPY)
Departing from/arriving at Kobe City: Adult: 17,310JPY (Child: 8,650JPY)
Validity Period
Three Days
Special Offers
Credit Card
Online Sale

Available Area

Available Area
・Return journey in reserved or non-reserved seats in ordinary carriage of limited express trains
・Non-reserved seats in regular carriage of limited express, rapid and local trains on JR lines and IR Ishikawa Railway lines (between Kanazawa and Tsubata)
・Kanazawa Loop Bus (Kanazawa district), Can Bus (Kaga district)
・Between any station within the free tour area and Tsuruga Station (one-time only)

Special Offers

Special Offers
500JPY shopping voucher for use at the Ishikawa Local Products Center 1F for persons who take the "Japanese sweets making experience"!

Important Notices

・Only sold when 2 or more passengers are travelling together (same train).
・Please exchange the ticket purchased online before use. (Accepted up until the first day of the valid period).
・If travelling on a train that requires a reservation, please request a reservation ticket from the sales counter prior to boarding.
・Please present together with the return trip ticket when using the "Kanazawa, Kaga and Noto Gururin Pass", the "Ishikawa Local Products Center Experience Ticket", and the "Yunokuni no Mori Experience Ticket".
・Children must be accompanied by an adult. "Child" tickets only sold when travelling together with an "Adult".
・May be congested or closed. Please make reservations in advance.

How to Buy

How to Buy
Can be purchased at designated website (Japanese) and counters.
Sales location:Midori no Madoguchi (Green counter) at major JR West Japan Railway stations
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How to Use

How to Use
Please show it to the staff at the station's ticket gates.
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Please make inquiries by telephone or at the counter after referring to the website (Japanese).