Karuizawa / Kusatsu Round-Trip Ticket

Karuizawa / Kusatsu Round-Trip Ticket

December 28, 2018
Round trip from Shibuya! Enjoy Karuizawa & Kusatsu to the fullest!
This ticket is great value and includes the highway bus from Shinjuku and unlimited rides on transit busses between Karuizawa and Kusatsu Onsen.


Adult: 7,830JPY Child: 3,920JPY
Validity Period
Round-trip/Four Days+
Special Offers
Credit Card
Online Sale

Available Area

Available Area
Choose from one of the following options.
①Shibuya ⇒ Karuizawa → Kusatsu Onsen ⇒ Shibuya
②Shibuya ⇒ Karuizawa → Kitakaruizawa ⇒ Shibuya
③Shibuya ⇒ Kitakaruizawa → Karuizawa ⇒ Shibuya
④Shibuya ⇒ Kusatsu Onsen → Karuizawa ⇒ Shibuya

Important Notices

・The ticket is valid for 7 days since the day you take the bus from Shibuya.
・Since all seats on both the outbound and return highway buses are reserved, reservations are required.

How to Buy

How to Buy
Please give the staff member at the ticket sales counter in the highway bus waiting area in Shibuya Mark City your reservation number, tell them you wish to purchase a Karuizawa / Kusatsu Round-Trip Ticket, and pay for it at least 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time of your bus.

*Only cash is accepted. (Kusatsu Onsen gift certificates are not accepted)
*Reservations and tickets are not available at convenience stores.
*Not available on the bus.

How to Use

How to Use
All seats on both the outbound and return highway busses are reserved.
Please reserve your seats in advance through one of the following methods.
*You will pay for your ticket at the ticket sales counter at Shibuya Mark City. Please do not pay for it when reserving your seats.

Keio Bus Reservation Center +81-3-5376-2222 (9:00~20:00) 
*Please mention that you would like to purchase a Karuizawa / Kusatsu Round-Trip Ticket.

Please reserve a regular round-trip highway bus.
*Highwaybus.com registration required.
*You will need to enter your full name, sex, date of birth, phone number, postal code, occupation, and email address in order to register.

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