Island Hopping Pass (without Hateruma route) 5-day pass

Island Hopping Pass (without Hateruma route) 5-day pass

July 24, 2018
A discount pass that allows you to get on and off on for as many times as you want during the validity period. You can board the ship that connects the isolated islands of Ishigaki, Iriomote, Kohama, Taketomi, Kuro and Hatoma of the beautiful Yaeyama Islands. Conquer all islands with just this one pass!


Adult: 8,800JPY (Child (~12 years old): 4,400JPY)
Validity Period
Four Days+
Special Offers
Credit Card
Online Sale
Model Routes With This Pass Included

Available Area

Available Area
Ishigaki Port ⇔ Taketomi Port / Kohama Port / Kuroshima Port / Iriomote Island Ohara Port / Iriomote Island Uehara Port / Hatoma PortIriomotejima Uehara Port ⇔ Hatama PortKohama Port ⇔ Taketomi Port / Iriomote Island Ohara PortIriomote Island Ohara Port ⇒ Taketomi Port

Important Notices

・Reservation is not possible (except for irregular routes).
・You need to get a boarding ticket according to the section/place on which you board. Show the staff at the counters your pass to get a ticket.
・Please get to the boarding location early to not miss your ride.
・Ticket cannot be reissued in case it is lost or stolen.
・Ticket cannot be transferred to or lended to a third party.
・Refund is not possible even if you have boarded for only 1 route.
・It is possible that you cannot use the ticket at all during the validity period due to reasons like bad weather. In this case, all kinds of refund is not possible.
・Ticket can be used for a consecutive 5 days from the start date of use.
・Unlimited ride is possible during the validity period.

Sales Counters

Ishigaki Port Ritoh Terminal

How to Buy

How to Buy
You can buy it at counters.
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How to Use

How to Use
Please show it to the staff when you get on the ferry.

Contact Us

TEL: 0980-83-0055 FAX: 0980-83-0044 (From 6:00~20:00 except during typhoons)